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"What should nutrition be like after an embolic stroke?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should nutrition be like after an embolic stroke?


My dad had an embolic stroke, and now he's recovering. i really hope he's going to be OK... i was also wondering how things like nutrition are affected after this type of stroke, since i know we have to be careful about a lot of things now.


I am so sorry to hear about your father's stroke, and also hope that he does well. Nutrition is an important part of his life both in regards to recovery as well as prevention going forward. I highly recommend discussing this issue with a doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist. Depending on where the stroke occurred and where the doctors believe the emboli came from may play into his nutritional status going forward. For example, if his stroke affected his ability to take food by mouth, this may really change the answer to this question and he may need to be fed through some other method. Alternatively, if his doctors believe that the stroke came from one of the big arteries in his neck, then adopting a healthy diet may be beneficial to stabilize and decrease the risk of further events in the future. If, however, doctors believe that his emboli came from somewhere else and surgery needs to occur to prevent future events like this in the future, then the goal may be to build up his strength as quickly as possible to prepare him for whatever surgery may be needed. Regardless, a dietician or nutritionist will be very qualified to help you with regards to your questions. Please speak to your doctor about your concerns.

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