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"What are some possible treatments for depression?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some possible treatments for depression?


My brother is definitely depressed. What sorts of treatments are available? He's basically immobilized by it.


It sounds like your brother is going through a very difficult time. There are many options for treating depression, but to start, the most important thing for your brother to do is to make an appointment with a primary care physician right away. It will be important for a physician to get a thorough history, including past history of any depressive episodes, and perform a general physical exam to make sure there aren't any other medical factors contributing to his depression and mood disorder. Next, a primary care physician should be able to make a referral to a psychiatrist for a more detailed mental health evaluation. Depression can present in many different ways, and depending upon your brother's age, symptoms, and family history, it may also be important to exclude other conditions. Depression can be effectively treated with medications, therapy, or a combination of both. It will be up to your brother to work with his doctors to decide which options may be best for him. He may be a patient who would benefit from group counseling sessions or individual sessions or both. In addition, choosing the best anti-depressant can be a complex decision that may require some adjustments based on how he tolerates a given medication. Regular follow up and a treatment plan are important to help a patient recover his or her health. Start by encouraging your brother to book an appointment with his primary care doctor right away.

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