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"How can my dad cope with multiple sclerosis?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can my dad cope with multiple sclerosis?


My dad has multiple sclerosis, and I'm worried about how it might affect him. ?Luckily our family still lives close by. What's the common treatment and can he be OK?


Multiple sclerosis, or any chronic, progressive, and debilitating condition, can be terrifying when first diagnosed, bringing fear and uncertainty into what had previously been plans and dreams of relaxation or enjoyment in the later years. Fortunately, there are more and more treatment options for many of these conditions that make them much more tolerable and can take much of the fear out of the future, so it’s important for your father to discuss his options with his doctor. One of the most important things is what you already suggested: good support. Family and friends being near and working together to provide needed support are vital to having the best outcome. Fortunately, with some of the new medications that are available, multiple sclerosis is becoming a condition that can be managed quite well. Many patients are able to continue on with a high degree of normalcy, and learn quickly when a medication dose should be adjusted or changed based on any new symptoms. In short, coping comes with learning more about the disease and what may happen, and then tempering that with a realization that you have more control over the future than you think you do. Work closely with your doctor, see specialists as needed, and visit support groups to find out more about what the future may bring.

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