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"What is the difference between full upper dentures versus implants?"


My dentist was telling me I had the option between these two appliances. I'm not really sure what the difference is. Is it all that important? Or should I just pick one?


Both are quite different, so I recommend discussing your options with your dentist. Briefly, dentures (or false teeth) would replace any teeth that have been removed previously or should be removed due to disease. Full dentures are different than partial dentures, in that full upper dentures would mean that all of your upper (maxillary) teeth have been removed.

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A partial denture would mean that only some of your teeth have been removed, and there are some false teeth that fit around those that remain. An implant is just what is implied by the name: something that is implanted into your jaw. This is obviously a more involved procedure, as it sometimes takes work to build up the bone to be strong enough to hold a new implant. To the base that is implanted into the bone of your jaw, false teeth can be added that do not slide and come out as readily as dentures, and feel more natural to some. The differences between the two are many, but implants are usually more expensive but feel more natural if done correctly. Dentures need to be cleaned more regularly and, over time, can wear down the bone of the jaw. Please speak to your dentist, and consider a second opinion.

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