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"What should I do if my permanent crown is not feeling right?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if my permanent crown is not feeling right?


My permanent crown feels a little loose and maybe a little painful too. What might this mean?


You should definitely see your dentist right away! Crowns are inconvenient necessities that arise when a tooth is "too far gone" and needs a permanent fix. It has the advantage over removal of a tooth, but, as you are finding, they have their own set of complications. A permanent crown should be a near perfect fit, and should cause neither pain nor looseness. If you have either of these conditions, see your dentist quickly! He or she may need to repair or remove it completely and repeat the process. It is also quite possible that you are simply feeling the subtle differences between a tooth that you had all of your life and a near perfect, but slightly different, model. No model, no matter how well done, will be a perfect fit. That being said, it should be close and should not cause you pain. If there is a problem that was caused by an imperfect fit the first time, this may need to be corrected. If it has been done in the recent past, most reputable dentists will offer to do this free of charge. Regardless of what the problem may be, please see your dentist or get a second opinion in the near future before your problem becomes worse.

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