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"Is there something wrong if your threads of Mirena are outside of the body? "

ZocdocAnswersIs there something wrong if your threads of Mirena are outside of the body?


I had Mirena placed 11 months ago and the only times I felt the threads was if reached inside. Today I wiped and felt them hanging about an half an inch outside. I have been spotting over the pat few days & had a period about 6 weeks ago.


The threads on the end of the Mirena intra uterine device are there to help you make sure that the device is in the proper place. Therefore, any major change in position of the strings (either not feeling them any more at all or feeling them extend a lot farther than they used to) should prompt a visit to your gynecologist to make sure that the device is still in the right place. I'm afraid that the combination of spotting over the past few days together with feeling the strings now protruding from the vagina suggests that the Mirena device may have become dislodged downward from the uterus - for example in may be stuck partially in the cervix. Your gynecologist will be able to tell what is going on most likely with a simple pelvic examination, using a speculum to get a better look at the strings and the position of the device. If the device is dislodged, it will probably need to be removed and replaced. On the other hand, if it has just shifted downwards a bit inside the uterus, the strings may just need to be trimmed a bit. Make an appointment with your doctor today!

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