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"Why do I have a brownish, yellowish discharge after my C-section?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have a brownish, yellowish discharge after my C-section?


I just had a c section a month and a week ago. I have been noticing that I have a brownish/yellowish gooey discharge coming from my vagina. At times it is in my underwear, when I use the restroom it dangles in the toilet, and sometimes when I shower I can feel it as I wash down there. Any idea of what it could possibly be?


This is something you should definitely discuss with you OB GYN doctor. After being pregnant, it takes some time for the uterus to return to to its normal pre-pregnancy size. Part of this process, known as uterine involution, includes the shedding of some excess tissue and fluid from the uterus out the vagina. This process can take several weeks to conclude, and it occurs to some extent in both vaginal birth as well as cesarean section births. This is one of the issues that your OB GYN doctor will take a look at when you go to your six week post partum checkup, which should be coming up in the next week or two! In addition to making sure that the discharge you are describing is of normal volume and consistency for how far out from the birth you are (i.e., that there is no evidence of infection or delayed healing), they will also see how you are doing on other fronts. For example, they may check for signs of anemia and make sure that your blood counts are coming up normally after the blood loss from the cesarean. They will also ask about your mood, to make sure there is no evidence of postpartum depression, and make sure you are not having any issues with breastfeeding, infant care, etc. If you haven't already done so, book a follow-up appointment with your OB GYN doctor today!

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