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"I am 7 weeks pregnant with a hernia & menstrual type cramping. How serious are these symptoms?"

ZocdocAnswersI am 7 weeks pregnant with a hernia & menstrual type cramping. How serious are these symptoms?


There is fat tissue protruding at the hernia site, and consistently painful


I would strongly recommend that you go to see your OB GYN doctor about these symptoms right away. If the pain is severe or worsening, or accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or fevers, then I would not wait to see your OB GYN doctor but would, instead, go to an emergency room for more immediate treatment. The concern here is that your hernia may have incarcerated. As you probably know, a hernia occurs when a defect in the abdominal wall allows contents of the abdomen (intestines and fat) to protrude outwards through the defect. Usually, this does not cause an immediate problem, but sometimes the muscles in the abdominal wall can contract around the protruding hernia, cutting off blood flow. This is called incarceration, and it is an emergency, because it requires immediate medical intervention, usually surgery, to restore blood flow to the contents of the hernia. Your doctor will be able to tell quickly whether or not there is evidence that your hernia is incarcerating and, if so, arrange expeditious surgical intervention to correct the problem. If there is no evidence of incarceration of the hernia, they will also be able to help you figure out where else the pain may be coming from. Book an appointment with your doctor right away, or go to an emergency room!

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