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"Does marijuana affect iron levels ?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes marijuana affect iron levels ?


I have MS , and recently started smoking marijuana , I and recently I have started feeling more tired , weak , soft stool , bruising very easily & I'm always cold (no fever) so I was just wondering if the marijuana could be affecting my iron levels.


An interesting thought. This is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. While there are many side effects to various medications, a reduction in iron levels is not a common side effect of marijuana. I am sorry that you are suffering from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and also disappointed that your symptoms are seeming to be worse. It is sometimes difficult to determine if new symptoms of a chronic but progressive disease are related to the medications that you are using to treat the disease or to the disease itself. Often, doctors will look at the timeline and will perform simple experiments to determine how you are reacting. The most simple way to determine if you are reacting adversely to the marijuana is to discontinue it for several weeks and see if your symptoms improve. If they do, then you may be someone who is better off not taking the drug. Of course, with any medication (or even drug use, depending on where you live, as medical marijuana is not legal in all states), you should speak with your doctor. Marijuana and many other herbs including over the counter medications can have significant interactions with other medications that you may be taking. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns and how to help alleviate these new symptoms.

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