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"I am suffering from kidney infection; will I ever be normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI am suffering from kidney infection; will I ever be normal?


I have been sufferring with Kidney from last 2years. Proteins came to normal when i used Steriods(Defcort,Pantop etc). But due to the intake of salt, my body again started swelling and Proteins level also increased.They couldn't find anything in Biopsy also.Now my proteins range is 180. And creatinine is Good. Will i become normal Sir? Can i take salt normally after i become normal? I am losing hope on Life. Please Help me. Please suggest me some Precautions or medicines. Save me Sir.


I am so sorry to hear that you have been having difficulty with your kidneys. It is promising that your biopsy was unremarkable and that you did respond well to the steroids, but it is certainly disappointing that you had such a severe response to salt. At this point, the key thing will be to establish a clear diagnosis. That may mean that you need to seek a second opinion from a tertiary medical center. This is likely to be affiliated with a university hospital or the equivalent. If you have already done this, there are several medical centers across the country that specialize in seeing those patients who have been treated unsuccessfully at other sites, and you could consider visiting with a nephrologist at one of these locations. A few of these will have chat lines where you can submit a specific question with some of your data prior to making an appointment, so that all of the necessary information is provided and your appointment can be as useful as possible. As far as your prognosis, it is difficult to say what to expect based on the information that you have provided. Please speak further with your doctor to establish what your diagnosis is and what you can expect moving forward, and best of luck.

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