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"What affect does Klacid have on an embryo?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat affect does Klacid have on an embryo?


I used Klacid, Amoxicillin and Nexium for the first two weeks of my pregnancy not knowing I was pregnant. I also used Nexium for an extra ten days as prescribed and stopped as soon as I knew I was pregnant which was when my period was two days late. I am now worried these medicines may cause birth defect. Please let me know what the affects may be.


First of all, congratulations on being pregnant! This question about which medications are safe to take during pregnancy is a very important one, and is something that you should definitely follow up with your obstetrician about for more information. Amoxicillin and Nexium are both classified as category "B" pregnancy drugs, which means there is no evidence that they cause any harm during pregnancy. Klacid (clarithromycin), on the other hand, is classified as a category "C" drug, which means that either there is some evidence that the medication may be harmful or that there is no available data to know whether or not the medication is harmful. At the same time, the absolute risk to the growing baby from most category C drugs is really generally very low. Most likely, what your obstetrician will want to do is perform a thorough examination and then proceed with the usual ultrasounds and growth monitoring that is part of standard prenatal care. These interventions are likely to pick up any problems or concerns with the pregnancy and, if any concerns emerge, your obstetrician will be able to help you decide what, if anything, needs to be done when they emerge. Book an appointment to discuss the with your doctor! Good luck!

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