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"Do I have herpes?"

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I have two blisters on the bottom of my mouth and they look clear with a red dot and they hurt. I also have a tiny white spot in the middle of my lower lip which you can't feel but see. I had a blister inside my lip on Saturday ago which went away couple of days later. I had unprotected sex in November and I was recently tested for STD and I was clean. I don't know what to do, and who to go to... Please help me. IS THIS HERPES OR ANY STDs?


These blisters you have inside your mouth could certainly be consistent with an infection with a herpes virus, since herpes infections in the mouth typically do cause the kinds of blisters you are describing. I strongly recommend seeing a doctor to determine if this is the case. However, there are a couple considerations worth mentioning. First, there are two types of herpes virus, one which typically causes "cold sores" and blisters in the mouth, and another which typically causes genital herpes. Although there are cases of genital herpes causes mouth sores, most cases of herpes in the mouth are not sexually transmitted. Second, there are other virus, other than herpes, which can cause similar blisters in the mouth, often in conjunction with other symptoms of viral infection, such as sore throat or runny nose. Third, there are other causes of sores in the mouth other than viral infections, including canker sores. In particular the "white spot" that you have in the mouth would be more consistent with a canker sore than with a viral blister. Regardless, I think the first step is to go see your doctor. They will be able to confirm whether or not this is a herpes infection, in which case you may benefit from taking antiviral medications, or another condition.

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