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"What causes abdominal pain before urinating in the morning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes abdominal pain before urinating in the morning?


Hi ! I am 22 year old male and for a while I been noticing my urination is out of whack and I think it's because of my over masturbation habit I had growing up. Before I pee in the morning, I get this pain below my navel that hurts before I take a pee that I guess comes with the full bladder. I don't see blood in my urine but I notice in the morning my urine is dim yellow or even yellowish brown then throughout the day it yellow or clearish yellow if I drink a lot of water. This problem usually be extreme days after I masturbate or have sex. I either have a burning in my anal or when I stool then burns when I pee like inflammation. I'm just scared that it could be my kidneys or something worse like prostate cancer even though I don't have the symptoms or do I pee blood but I do know it's masturbation that started that problem in the first place. I had a urine test done not to long ago for a insurance and the nurse didn't say I had infection or anything so I'm just puzzled.


I am sorry that you are having to suffer from this unfortunate problem. While there are many different things that could be causing this, it would be appropriate for you to speak to your doctor. Most of the time, your insurance provider would not be as worried about infections in your urine, and would instead worry about drugs or protein, meaning that they might have missed an infection if you had one at that time. If you have an infection or have a sexually transmitted disease, for example, that would explain almost all of your symptoms quite well. Prostate cancer would certainly be an unusual explanation for the symptoms that you describe, especially because you are relatively young. There are some problems that can occur due to obstruction of the urethra (the part where the pee comes out through your penis) that may explain some of your symptoms as well, although this is also not terribly likely. The fact that you do have some pain when you stool and when you pee could indicate that you have a different kind of problem with your prostate, however, such as prostatitis. This is when your prostate gland becomes infected, and can be a very serious medical issue. Please see your doctor immediately to have a thorough evaluation.

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