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"Why has my appetite increased?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy has my appetite increased?


I'm 23, and my appetite has increased tremendously. I usually still feel hungry about an hour or two after I eat, sometimes shorter. I don't exercise, but my weight seems to stay the same. I'm not on any medications. I have a family history of high blood pressure, cancer, and type 1 diabetes.


While there is the good news that you have not gained weight, you are obviously right to be questioning why you feel that there has been a change in your diet with no other notable changes. This can obviously be a sign of other things that are going on in your body, and you should definitely discuss this with your doctor. If you have felt that you are more hot than normal, your heart is racing, you are more sweaty than you normally are, etc, then any of these with your increased appetite could indicate that you need to have your thyroid examined. If you don't have any known medical problems, then I would not expect that your family history would indicate anything special. Type 1 diabetes can cause some of these symptoms, but is usually manifested first as increased urination and thirst, which you don't describe. Of course, there are many other possibilities, much too complex to answer or diagnose without speaking with you and knowing more about your complaints. This means that you will need to speak with your doctor to determine if there is anything that needs to be addressed further or if this is just a brief period of increased appetite. Please speak with your doctor. Book an appointment today.

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