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"What can I do about an abscess after having my wisdom teeth pulled?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about an abscess after having my wisdom teeth pulled?


I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago and now I have a very painful abscess on my jaw bone the size of a huge marble, it's very hard, the dentist gave me a stronger antibiotic and mouth wash, and she says the abscess will go down in a week. I feel it might need to be drained to get some relief and get rid of the puss. Should I go see someone else? She also says I have dry socket. I just don't feel I trust her, she didn't make a big deal about my abscess.


It is always perfectly acceptable to go see another medical professional if you have concerns about the care you are receiving. However, I suspect that your dentist would respond well if you just explained the concerns you are having. It is unlikely that she is not thinking about what is going on in your cases; rather, it may just be that she did not explain her thinking to you in sufficient enough detail, and that should be something that you can resolve with another conversation. She can also confirm whether or not this is really an abscess, or whether it is just swelling or an enlarged lymph node, which might be expected after a wisdom tooth extraction, and would not necessarily be unexpected. Of course, if you are feeling very unwell, especially if you have worsening pain or fever, then these are signs that something is not right, and you should seek immediate medical attention, either in an emergency room, or from your primary care doctor. In either one of these settings, you will be able to have confirmed whether or not there is an infection going on and, if so, whether it is being adequately treated by the antibiotics you are currently taking. Book an appointment today.

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