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"Why am I in so much pain after sagittal sinus thrombosis if the clot has gone?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I in so much pain after sagittal sinus thrombosis if the clot has gone?


-severe headaches -neck pain and stiffness Severe facial pain - stiff jaw, numbness and tingling sensation on cheekbones, cheeks and forehead, sore gums and teeth, mild face paralysis -Swollen glands on jaw, ear pain, tender throat -Severe light sensitivity and dizziness -Nausea, vommitting, lack of appetite Diagnose with Sagittal sinus thrombosis along with other small clots on brain. Main clot has dissolved but others remain. Diagnosed at the end of Oct 2012. Remaining symptoms: -headaches -neck pain -burning sensation all over head -severe facial pain (same as before) -swollen glands -earaches - pressure in between ears and back of head -tender throat - when talking for a while face becomes so sore and voice becomes weak -When I stand up I get a hard throbbing / pulsating feeling at the back of my head and feel dizzy and lightheaded for a few seconds. -light sensitivity (& occasional dizziness)


That sounds like a very unfortunate series of complaints. You are suffering from a very debilitating condition, as you know, and it is important to continue to have regular follow-up with your doctors to make sure that you can return to your optimal health. That being said, there is a percentage of patients who will continue to suffer some degree of symptoms for a prolonged period even after the clot has resolved. While it would be important to know more of your story to accurately tell you anything, it is likely that you will continue on some blood thinners for some time. Your symptoms will hopefully continue to improve as the other clots break up, but I am not sure that anyone would be able to tell you that for sure. There are occasions when the nerves can be injured or sensitized that can make people prone to pain or abnormal sensations for a prolonged period. At this point, it will be most important to continue to work with your doctors and follow the course of the clots, and please speak with him or her regarding your questions. It may also be important for you to work with physical or occupational therapists as you seek to return to your former level of health. Good luck!

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