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"What can cause lower abdominal pain and pressure?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause lower abdominal pain and pressure?


I'm 17 years old, my period is 7 days late and I'm on birth control. I started having lower abdominal cramps and pressure, I've taken a pregnancy test and it was negative.


There are a variety of possibilities as to the cause of the lower abdominal cramping and pressure you are experiencing. It's a good idea to discuss this issue with your doctor to determine which could be the case. If your menstrual cycle is late and you are sexually active, there is always a possibility of pregnancy. While the over-the-counter tests are very accurate, they are not perfect and an early pregnancy may not be detected. In the event of pregnancy, an ectopic location of the embryo within the Fallopian tube can lead to severe pain and cramping and can be a serious condition that needs emergent medical/surgical attention. Alternatively, your symptoms may be due to an impending menstrual cycle. Some women experience increasing cramping and pain prior to bleeding and you may find that your menstrual cycle begins shortly. Lower abdominal cramping can also signify a urinary tract infection (UTI) involving inflammation of the bladder. Supporting a UTI as the cause would be symptoms of burning or pain with urination, cloudy urine, or foul-smelling urine. As the exact cause of your symptoms is not evident, it is advised that you seek out the care of your primary care physician immediately so that he/she can conduct a more thorough medical interview and physical exam and order the relevant tests to exclude the above diagnoses. Book an appointment today.

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