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"Do I have hyperthyroidism?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have hyperthyroidism?


I'm currently 15 and I have few symptoms like -hair loss -excessive sweating at scalp -rapid heartbeat -hard to sleep -pale skin Do i have hyperthyroidism and how many percentage that show I have it?


I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from so many different complaints. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to diagnose the cause of all of these symptoms without some additional information. While thyroid diseases and dysregulation could potentially cause all of those symptoms, there are many other things that it could be. Without a specific reason to suspect your thyroid (such as a family history, a lump in your throat, etc), it would be somewhat unlikely for all of this to be explained by hyperthyroidism. That being said, it is certainly possible and your symptoms should be evaluated by a physician. Fortunately, there is a very simple blood test that can measure the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroid hormone in your body to determine if you are hyperthyroid. From there, there are different steps that can be taken to help your body regulate that hormone better. Fortunately, thyroid diseases have been very well studied and can be managed quite well with appropriate follow up with a doctor or the specialist that he or she may refer you to. Whenever you have continued and concerning symptoms, you should speak with your doctor, and so I would advise you to speak with your doctor about your concerns. Book an appointment today!

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