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"Is having protected sex while waiting to be treated for chlamydia okay?"

ZocdocAnswersIs having protected sex while waiting to be treated for chlamydia okay?


I recently found out I had gotten chlamydia from someone I had unprotected sex with a few months back, I am with my current boyfriend now and he is aware that I got chlamydia and probably passed it to him. I was treated right away but he has not been able I get treated yet. We have be having sex with a condom and using it properly, are we okay from spreading it back and forth while he is waiting to get treated or should we not be having sex at all?


It is certainly a good plan to be using condoms, but it's probably safest to hold off on sex altogether until your partner is treated. In men, chlamydia can cause urethral discharge, testicular pain (epididymitis) or be completely asymptomatic. In women, chlamydia can cause cervicitis (inflammation and pain in the cervix), urethritis (inflammation and pain of the urethra--normally manifests with painful urination similar to a urinary tract infection) as well as causing potential infertility or pregnancy complications (for example, premature birth). The treatment is relatively simple and normally can be taken care of with a single dose of antibiotic therapy. Since the complications of chlamydia are very serious, I would recommend abstaining from sex with your partner until he is treated by a physician. Additionally, I would recommend that you see a doctor as well for potential re-testing and re-treatment in the event that he has already passed on the infection to you. I hope you find this helpful and applaud you taking an active role in your own healthcare!

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