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"Why has my 3-year-old had a persistent dry cough and now a red patch on his soft palate?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy has my 3-year-old had a persistent dry cough and now a red patch on his soft palate?


His recent blood test shows that his platelet count is 530000 and his chest x-ray shows inflammation. He sneezes a lot and complains of throat pain. His lips are always dry and he had his adenoid removed when he was 10 months old. He snores at sleep most of the time.


You mention a number of different symptoms, which may not all be related to each other. It is important to discuss your concerns with his regular pediatrician, as that is the doctor who knows him best and will best be able to answer your questions. For example, his platelet count is a little elevated and it sounds like his chest x-ray is a bit abnormal. This might indicate that he has an acute infection, such as a bronchitis or pneumonia, which might need to be treated with antibiotics (if it is severe), or potentially just observed (if caused by a virus and not very severe). On the other hand, it sounds like the persistent dry cough, sneezing, and snoring are potentially a separate issue which have been going on for quite a bit longer. These might be signs of an allergic condition, such as chronic nasal allergies, which could cause these symptoms. Alternatively, they may be a sign that his adenoids have enlarged again, or that his tonsils are enlarging into his airway (if he did not have his tonsils removed when he had his adenoid surgery). I would start by discussing your concerns with his pediatrician at your earliest convenience.

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