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"How long after collection is a sperm sample still viable?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long after collection is a sperm sample still viable?


Let's suppose that you followed a guideline to collect your sperm in a cup provided without having any issue. I understand that this sperm collection should be analyzed right after couple of hours for correct result. However, let's say you just placed your collected cup on your desk sitting there for about 7 or 8 hours..then the analysis of sperm just started via microscope..... In this case, if you were healthy and normal, would every sperm still be supposed to move after 7 or 8 hours of you collection? OR most(every) sperm would be supposed to dead, so they are not supposed to move even for healthy or normal people because of 7 or 8 hours quite long time difference??


It sounds as though you have some very specific questions about the process of sperm collection. In this situation, answering your specific questions in the context of your medical history and the reason for the sperm collection is best done by your treating physician(s). Evaluating a sperm collection can be done for many different reasons, including as part of a fertility workup; as part of assisted reproduction with evaluation for techniques including intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization; or as part of the evaluation for personal or for-profit sperm banking. In each of these cases, the testing and evaluation of a sperm sample may be slightly different. In general, sperm can still be viable up to 24 hours after ejaculation, so some sperm will still be viable when evaluated several hours after collection. Morphology (shape) of the sperm is also not something that will change in just a few hours. However, during an infertility evaluation, other variables area also assessed and temperature and ph changes when delaying evaluation of a collected specimen can result in inaccurate results. Furthermore, if sperm are being collected for banking or use in assisted reproduction, minimizing the time between collection and evaluation is likely to be more successful. If you have concerns about a sample you submitted, you should definitely book an appointment with your doctor to address those concerns.

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