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"What kind of attack am I having?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of attack am I having?


From the moment it starts to the end; I feel funny, like a flush feeling. It's almost like I know it is about to happen so I brace myself. I sit down and try not to move much at all and stay relaxed. The breathing now is starting to be shortened. My heart rate drops as low as 20 bpm, I feel it all throughout my body. As my heart rate slows, each beat seems to get harder, like my heart is struggling to keep beating. I now start loosing my vision, gets blurry at 1st but then my vision starts turning black, so I close my eyes to not see it happening. I now am almost white as a ghost. I completely lost all my color in my body. My wife call's it "death look." I can't speak at all, I try to but I only slur and get to where I make no sense. By this time from head to toe, I start pouring sweat. I mean literally head to toe you see the sweat coming out my pores. My body is ice cold. 30 mins or more I lay motionless, quite and regaining my self. PLEASE HELP.


It sounds like you are experiencing some very, very unpleasant and concerning symptoms. You should seek care with your primary care physician right away to discuss these symptoms and appropriate evaluation. If you start having another of these episodes, you should call an ambulance for evaluation in the emergency department immediately. It is impossible to say exactly what is causing these symptoms without completing a full history and examination and obtaining specific lab tests, but depending upon your age and other health issues, your symptoms could be consistent with a lack of blood flow to the brain, an event sometimes referred to as a TIA or transient ischemic attack. A TIA is often thought to be a precursor to a stroke, so it is important to identify this immediately to make sure that your don't suffer any further health problems. Some of the symptoms you describe could also be from a heart problem, specifically a problem with the conduction system in your heart. If your heart is beating too slowly, then you could experience the symptoms you describe. In patients with this kind a problem, a pacemaker can be required. Overall, there are many conditions that could be causing your symptoms, and it is very important that you be evaluated immediately to ensure that you don't have a bad outcome with the next 'attack.' See a doctor immediately.

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