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"Why does my uterus feels like it's bloated or is stretching?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my uterus feels like it's bloated or is stretching?


I am on birth control and also an antibiotic. I know that they can possibly interfere and therefore the birth control may not work. 3 days ago I had unprotected intercourse and he also ejaculated inside of me. This morning I noticed that my uterus felt like it was stretching or bloated. It even looked a little swollen. I have also been having dizzy spells. I know it takes about a week for the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterus, so what is going on? Is it all just a coincidence?


If you have recently had unprotected intercourse, the first important thing to do is determine whether or not you are pregnant. Some women may have mild bleeding or cramping at the time of embryo implantation, but this is not something that would typically cause the type of symptoms you are describing. It is important for you to see your physician right away to consider whether or not taking medication to prevent pregnancy, the so-called morning after pill, is something that you would want to take. You will also need regular follow-up to ensure that you find out whether you are pregnant right away. Next, it seems that you are also having some other unexpected and unpleasant symptoms, including your dizzy spells and what you describe as bloating of your uterus. In a non-pregnant woman, the uterus is not palpable or visible in the abdomen (it is small enough to remain in the pelvis and would not extend up into the abdomen) which means something else must be causing your abdominal bloating. There are many different possibilities, and determining the cause of your symptoms will require a more thorough history including your past health history as well as a physical exam. Hopefully you and your physician can determine what is causing these new symptoms so you can get back to your regular state of good health. Book an appointment today.

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