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"Why do I experience extreme exhaustion?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I experience extreme exhaustion?


I have had extreme exhaustion for about 2 or more years, I'm always in pain. Drs can't fix it. I'm thinking it's something they've missed through their extensive testing. I'm also always bloated after I eat or drink even water and am always nauseous.


Daily exhaustion must be a very frustrating way to live. It also sounds like you have been to see multiple different physicians and had significant testing which has not shown a specific reason for your symptoms. As hard as it is to not know why you feel so unwell, the best thing for you to do is try to find a primary care physician you trust and with whom you feel you can have a good working relationship in the years to come. Although it is impossible to diagnose you without speaking with you in person, performing a physical exam, and reviewing your laboratory and test results, it sounds as though some of your symptoms could be related to a disorder called fibromyalgia or possibly an alternate diagnosis called chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue, as the name implies, can make you very tired and uncomfortable all of the time. Notably, fibroymalgia patients also suffer from fatigue as well as chronic pain in specific parts of the body. Unfortunately, even though patients with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue do experience very real symptoms, there is not a specific treatment that makes all of the symptoms go away. The key to treating these disorders is a strong patient-physician relationship, the use of specific medications for pain and sleep, and often incorporating regular exercise into daily life. If your symptoms are due to one of these disorders, it is important that you continue working with your doctor because improving your quality of life will take time.

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