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"Can 5 days on HCG Injection Diet delay my menstrual cycle?"

ZocdocAnswersCan 5 days on HCG Injection Diet delay my menstrual cycle?


I started the HCG diet on the 7th and I was due to start my period on the 8th. It is now the 12th and I have not started. I am never late. I took a home pregnancy test and it had a faint positive. Can only 5 days of HCG delay my period?


It seems like there are several active issues with your health at the moment, the first of which is whether or not you want to be pregnant. It is important for you to know for sure whether you are or are not pregnant so that you can make a decision about your pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests do need to be confirmed with a blood test, so it would definitely be a good idea for you to see your primary care physician right away and arrange for this testing. He or she can also discuss your options should you be pregnant. Next, there is also the issue of your diet and the effects of HCG. It is also very important that you discuss this diet plan and your overall nutritional goals with your physician -- over-the-counter weight loss supplements containing HCG are NOT approved by the FDA. There is significant concern within the medical community that these products are not safe. In addition, the extreme caloric restriction that typically accompanies HCG supplements on the so-called 'HCG diet' can have very damaging overall effects on your health. Your desire to maintain a healthy body weight is a good one, but it is important to lose weight in a healthy way and develop a lifestyle that includes healthy exercise and diet as a way of preserving your health. Ingesting HCG, an unregulated, unapproved supplement could be very dangerous to your health. Your physician can help you develop a plan to maintain a healthy body weight in a healthy way. Book an appointment today.

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