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"Why do I have chest pain on my right side while eating after an endoscopy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have chest pain on my right side while eating after an endoscopy?


I had an endoscopy two days ago and since then I've had chest pain on my right side that is exacerbated by eating, drinking, hiccuping, and burping. It gets really severe when I try to eat and is very uncomfortable. I've also had a sore throat and pain and difficulty swallowing but I assume that part is routine after an endoscopy.


Endoscopy can lead to some side effects, most of which should resolve shortly after the procedure. Many patients will report some throat discomfort following the procedure, but you should not be having persistent severe pain or marked difficulty eating/swallowing several days after the procedure. In this situation, the best thing to do is to contact your endoscopist right away to discuss your symptoms. Your doctor may want to send you straight to the emergency room for further evaluation or he or she may want you to come into the office for an evaluation. Depending upon what kind of procedures were done during the endoscopy (biopsies, for example) you may expect some slightly different symptoms in the several days following the procedure, but it is important that your doctor hear about what you have been experiencing to help triage this situation. As you know, there are some risks with any procedure, including endoscopy, and that is why it is important that any symptoms post-procedure be discussed with the physician who performed it. Hopefully you'll be feeling back to your old self shortly, but in the meantime, if you experience any sudden difficulty breathing, fevers, or severe chest pain, you should go straight to an emergency room.

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