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The first day of my last period was on February 28. My period is 28 day cycle. My husband and I had unprotected sex in which he ejaculated into me approximately March 12th or March 13th which is when I am fertile. I took a pregnancy test about 6 days ago but came up negative I believe that I took it to early. I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as eating more than normal, Nausea, pooping like 3 to 4 times a day did have slight constipation, very mild heartburn, couple of headaches, just started to pee a little more than usual, dizziness, tiredness even after i have gotten a full nights rest. Forgot to mention I gave birth to our son in Nov last year. So my question was with those calculations If I am pregnant what would be an estimated conception day and if I am possible pregnant how far along could I be and what would be an estimated date for ovulation and when can I take a pregnancy test from the dollar store again? And what are the percentages of me being pregnant again.


Urine pregnancy tests such as the ones you can buy over the counter work by detecting a hormone called hCG which is released into the urine by pregnant women. Blood tests, which can be performed at a doctor's office, test for hCG in the blood and are thus more sensitive and able to pick up a pregnancy earlier than the urine-based home tests. It is certainly possible that you are pregnant at this time given that you had unprotected intercourse. A home pregnancy test is most likely to be accurate when used after the date of a missed period. If you have a 28 day cycle and your last period was February 28th, then a home test is most likely to be accurate when used after a missed period on or around March 28th. However, a blood test at a physician's office can show that you are pregnant approximately one week after ovulation. If you ovulated halfway through your cycle (March 14th), then blood tests may be be able to show a pregnancy as early as March 20th. If you had sex more than once this cycle, then it is impossible to say when your actual conception date was. The best way to determine if you are pregnant and protect your health is to make an appointment with your physician for a pregnancy test.

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