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"Help! I pulled my groin!"

ZocdocAnswersHelp! I pulled my groin!


I am having a heaviness in my leg, however my testicle on the same side is sore. I can't exactly pin point the pain tho it feels like it's in my testicle, then it's not. I keep touching my testicle (I'm forcing myself not to) and after a while of touching I will get a bump like it is irritated then goes away when I don't touch it. Is that was is causing pain? Currently taking ibuprofen; pain is a 2 out of 1-10; just uncomfortable. Bump is not always there, only after I touch it for a while. Then goes away.


It sounds like this is a very frustrating situation for you. A pulled muscle in the groin can definitely cause significant discomfort, including pain that sometimes radiates into the testicle. However, the symptoms you are reporting could also be related to other conditions including a possible hernia or even a primary testicular mass. In order to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms it will be helpful for you to see a physician for a thorough history and exam. You don't mention how long it has been since you feel that you injured your groin and this could be significant (as well as the details of how this occurred). You doctor will want to know about any other changes in your health you have noticed recently, as well as your general medical history. A physical examination will also be very helpful to identify if there are any discrete masses in your testicle or evidence of an inguinal hernia (where a loop of bowel can slide past some of the ligaments in the groin and herniate into the testicle). Hopefully you will be feeling back to your normal self soon, but it is important to follow up with your physician to make sure there is nothing more serious going on.

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