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"Why am I tired, in pain, and have disturbed digestive functioning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I tired, in pain, and have disturbed digestive functioning?


I have excessive tiredness of body as well as little muscle pain, disturbed digestive functioning and Gas, increased heart beats and throat drying symptoms. I have been in this condition past two months. I have tested for HIV negative (March 2013), Ultrasound and CT scan negative, Blood test negative, Urinalysis negative (April 2013). I have protected sex on November 2012. I am feeling worried and helpless. any suggestions...


It sounds like you have been having a number of concerning symptoms recently. It is also a good thing that you have been seeking medical attention for these new and worrisome findings, since that is always the best thing to do when there is a change in your health. From the symptoms you describe, it sounds like there could be many different things that account for your symptoms. In this case, your health background, family history, and current medications will be very helpful. The best thing for you to do as you try to work through these symptoms is to continue to see your physician for a thorough physical exam and review of your history to help guide future testing. Some of your digestive symptoms could be consistent with something like celiac disease, in which your body reacts to gluten in the diet. The only way to conclusively determine if this is the case is for you to undergo evaluation with an endoscopy of your small bowel. However, whether this is truly indicated in your situation or not will require further discussion with your doctor. Hopefully you will be feeling back to your old self before long, and in the meantime, it is also a very good thing that you are practicing safe sex.

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