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" I have swelling under my eyes and pressure in my sinuses, will a CT scan help to see why?"

ZocdocAnswers I have swelling under my eyes and pressure in my sinuses, will a CT scan help to see why?


I have been on two rounds and antibiotics already doxycycline for a week and amoxicillin for a 17 days for suspected sinusitis, now I am on 10 days of Augmentin combined with a six day course of Predisone. I have been asked to ask do a CT scan, following this present course of antibiotics. These symptoms first appeared in January, and my treatments were in January, then February and now presently in April with no change in symptoms so far. I am wondering if the under eye swelling and sinus pressure are related and indeed if it could be something other than infection and if I CT scan will be of help to solving the issue of either or both.


It sounds like your symptoms have been quite bothersome for some time and you should discuss them with your physician. Presumably with the antibiotics and the steroids your doctor is treating you for chronic sinusitis. Unfortunately, in some patients a sinus infection can become a prolonged affair, with a time course similar to yours. In many cases this is because there is some kind of anatomic abnormality with the sinuses that makes it hard for them to drain properly. As you can imagine, if the drainage passages in the sinuses are blocked or too narrow to permit good drainage, you can have a smoldering infection in that area that causes symptoms for an extended period of time and is very difficult to eradicate. At this stage, a CT scan of your sinuses seems very appropriate to first of all confirm a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis (which is easily and very well evaluated by CT) and make sure that there isn't something else causing your symptoms. Second, a CT scan can give your doctor significant information about whether there is an underlying anatomic reason for your symptoms, in which case surgical intervention is sometimes the best approach to help eliminate an infection and prevent its recurrence. It sounds like your CT scan is a very sound decision. You can continue to discuss your management plan with your physician, and with the help of a CT scan hopefully you can move ahead with a plan to get your symptoms under control.

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