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Hi, I'm a 41-year-old female, and I'm starting to notice gray hairs on my head. I'm bothered by the strands of gray hair, so I'm think of trying an anti-gray hair supplements that contains the enzyme catalase. I read that enzyme catalase supplements can prevent gray hair. But I'm scared to use the supplements because I'm thinking it could be bad for my health. I don't have any health problems, and I have not taken any supplements since I was younger. Can you please tell if the enzyme catalase supplements are safe to use? Can you please recommend a supplement to me? Thanks.


This is an excellent question and it is good that you are thinking through the fact that supplements, even though they come without a prescription, can definitely sometimes have adverse effects on your health! In your case, since you don't have any significant problems, it sounds like you are probably not on any standing medications. Often, supplements can cause problems when they interact with other prescription medications a person might be taking. Overall, if you are thinking of starting a new over the counter supplement, the best thing to do is to talk this over with your primary care physician. He or she should be able to reassure you whether or not the supplement is a good idea. And, it can be very helpful if you know which brand of supplement you were thinking of using so you can discuss that specific product with your doctor. You can bring the labels from the products you are considering to an appointment to discuss further. With regard to your specific concerns about grey hair, unfortunately there is no good scientific evidence that supplements of any kind affect the production of gray hair. You can discuss this further with your physician, but you might be better off considering highlights or dye to mask the gray.

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