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"What could a lump on the left (lower-side) of my abdomen, under left rib cage be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could a lump on the left (lower-side) of my abdomen, under left rib cage be?


I have noticed a small lump or knot in the left lower abdomen, almost on the left side of my body below the rib cage. It appears to be close to the surface and can be easily felt when standing up, can not be felt while sitting or laying down. Tonight, it has been tender to the touch and is still a little sore after pressing on it. I have been batteling some other health issues (tachycardia) and been switched to a different beta blocker, while I believe is causing me to have irregular bowel movements for the time being. It almost feels like a knot in my fat or my muscle? I plan on brining this to my doctors attention next week once I finish from school. I have been stressed with school and health issues lately. Could this be from stress? Could this be anything too serious? Thank you in advance for the help. Please let me know if you need further details.


I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from multiple health issues, and hope that these will improve. I am certainly happy that you will be speaking with your doctor shortly about this bump, as bumps should always be promptly reviewed with your physician unless they have a known cause and resolve shortly (like hitting your head on a cupboard!). As for what this lump could be, you certainly seem to be describing something that is in the most superficial layers of the skin. In most cases, these are not signs of a deeper problem, but are rather local reactions to something that is happening, such as a local skin infection. Unfortunately, without more information about your overall health and without the ability to see the lump and characterize it better (pain, recent injury, etc), it is difficult to anticipate exactly what this might be. As you suggested that you will be seeing your doctor shortly, it may be appropriate to observe this spot carefully for signs of change so that you can describe it fully to your doctor when you visit. Please follow up with your doctor as planned, or sooner if you become more concerned.

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