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"Do almonds cause acne?"

ZocdocAnswersDo almonds cause acne?


Do any tree nuts cause acne?


It sounds like you are concerned about acne, and you are very much correct that in some people, specific foods can play a role in triggering an outbreak. However it is important to remember that foods which can cause a problem in one patient may not cause a problem for another. If you are worried that almonds (or any other kind of tree nut) is causing an acne problem for you, you should discuss with your physician the possibility of eliminating these foods from your diet and keeping a log about your acne symptoms. This will help you determine whether almonds are a problem for you. In addition, if you have concerns about treating acne or about the role of certain foods in contributing to acne, you can always discuss this with your primary care physician who can refer you to a dermatologist if needed. There are many good pharmaceutical options to treat acne, depending upon its type and location on the body. There is no reason you should suffer from this kind of skin problem, as medical options do exist to treat it effectively. In addition to diet, your physician can help prescribe a combination of topical or oral agents to help get this under control.

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