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"Can a doctor know if I had sex or not if my hymen is broken ?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a doctor know if I had sex or not if my hymen is broken ?


My hymen broke when I was younger while I was riding a horse, but later on I've had sex, the thing is that I want to tell my family that my hymen is broken from riding horses, can a doctor tell if I had sex before? (note that I've only have sex once) Thanks in advance


This is a very common question that is asked of doctors, and the short answer is that it is not always possible to tell. As you suggest, there may be some signs that would indicate that a person has had intercourse, but these signs could be from other things or could be incomplete, making the answer somewhat less obvious. In general, a close relationship with your doctor would be important to make sure that you are as healthy as you can be. He or she would be able to help you with different tests and recommendations based on what you tell him or her. While it may be tempting to avoid answering the question about having had sex, it is something to consider. Please be honest with your doctor, as this will be important to keeping you healthy. You should also consider all of the ramifications of not telling your parents the whole truth about having had sex. In some cases, you might be surprised at the extra support your parents may be able to offer. Regardless, you can know that what you share with your doctor is confidential within certain boundaries. Please speak fully and truthfully with your doctor.

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