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"Why would my stomach hurt all the time even after I eat?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would my stomach hurt all the time even after I eat?


It swells up and I gained quite some weight. A year ago i was hospitalized for a week with stomach pains. it was a infected and inflamed intestine. they called it infectionus colitis.


I am sorry to hear that you have had bowel problems before, and sincerely hope that you do not have to suffer from that problem again. Pain after eating (post-prandial, as it is known to doctors) can be a sign of many different medical problems, ranging from your gall bladder to your bowels and many things in between. It would be important to know if you have had bowel surgery in the past, and if there is anything else that is noteworthy in your history. Infectious colitis can be a recurrent problem in some people, and if your symptoms are similar or concerning given what you experienced with your last episode a year ago, then it would be important to speak with a doctor very urgently. The way that you phrase the question does seem to imply that this is an ongoing problem, however, which may give you time to make an appointment. Your doctor would know your history the best and may be able to immediately suggest further tests to determine what is causing these pains and the weight gain. Additionally, gaining weight rapidly could be concerning for other problems, such as your heart. Please speak with your doctor soon.

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