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"My mom is having sleep problems. What should be done?"

ZocdocAnswersMy mom is having sleep problems. What should be done?


My mom, who is 55 years old, is unable to sleep properly. She tries to sleep in the bed for 8 hours but she could only sleep for 2 hours. It's been happening since 10 years when my family had a financial crisis. Everything has been normal after 3 years and now we are in a much comfortable position but nothing has changed in my mom's sleep since then. Could you suggest what needs to be done so my mother gets sound sleep.


This sounds like a very unfortunate problem, and I am sorry to hear that this has been afflicting her for so long. The best thing to do is to have your mother evaluated by a doctor. It is important to know what it is that is keeping her awake, not letting her sleep, or waking her up. Does she have other health problems that are interfering, or does the problem seem to be completely due to anxiety and difficulty related to the previous stress? Is she overweight, and does she find herself waking up frequently due to needing to breathe, in a manner consistent with obstructive sleep apnea? Do you have any more clues to offer than what you have suggested so far? If it is simply that she is lying in bed but unable to fall asleep due to stress and anxiety, then it would be important for her to see someone about helping her overcome these feelings. These could also be a sign of a larger problem, as complaints such as depression will often affect sleep habits and should be reviewed. Regardless of what might be causing this insomnia, please speak with a doctor -- or, rather, have your mother speak to a doctor -- to see what more can be done and what other clues your mother may offer.

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