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"Is it normal for an open post-surgery wound to weep clear liquid a little bit?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal for an open post-surgery wound to weep clear liquid a little bit?


i had a infected tendon sheath operated on 3 days ago and the source wound was left open, it is weeping clear/light pink fluid slightly. i am still on antibiotics. is it normal please?


From what you are describing, this could be entirely normal. Unfortunately, I do not know the specifics of your surgery, however, and only your surgeon would be able to answer completely whether or not you are having a postoperative complication. In general, most wounds will have some drainage of a clear, pink fluid after they are created. This fluid is high in concentrations of the molecules and cells that your body uses to fight infection and heal the wound. Over time, this leaking fluid will seal off the wounded blood vessels and will stop. This fluid is usually known as sero-sanguinous fluid, and is quite common. Signs of something more serious usually include pus, or discolored fluid. If the wound becomes more red, or has more pain or changes in other manners, that would be a sign of an infection. Speaking with your doctor is also important if you have a fever, which could be another sign. Again, to answer your question most perfectly, please speak to your surgeon about your concerns to make sure that you are healing appropriately. He or she may want you to use a dressing or take special steps to wash the wound to keep it healthy.

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