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"Why am I bleeding so much this month with no clots?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I bleeding so much this month with no clots?


I normally clot A LOT during my period, which lasts about 6 days. And my cramps are very painful, not only in the uterus but also aches in vaginal area. This month I've been bleeding a lot with no clots. The blood is very red and runny, like if you were to cut your finger and started to bleed.


I am sorry to hear that you are having additional bleeding this month, and hope that this is just a brief deviation from your norm. If you regularly have heavy periods with large clots, speaking with your doctor is important to make sure that you are not anemic, that you don't have a bleeding problem, and that your uterus is normal and healthy. There are multiple things that can cause continued bleeding, and it would be important to have them evaluated. If you have recently changed your medications or diet, there are some obvious things that can thin your blood and make this bleeding more likely. While aspirin is an obvious example, even simple things like ibuprofen can thin your blood to some degree by preventing clotting. If you feel that your bleeding is abnormal or if this is still continuing, please speak with your doctor about your problem so that you can make sure that you are well and can be tested if this is necessary.

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