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"Constant headache since April 12, 2012"

ZocdocAnswersConstant headache since April 12, 2012


My symptoms are: Severe headache,Clumsiness (suddenly just drop things),Poor concentraition,Exhaustion ,Forgetfullness,Nausea & Vomitting,Dizziness,Tingling /heaviness in hands and feet that moves into limbs,Feeling faint (side vision greys out, see "lightening bugs in vision"),Pounding/slow (almost painful) heart beats felt in chest,Poor concentraition,Vision randomly blurrs,Bruise easily,Bleed poorly,Low bp/pulse rate,Cold hands &feet MRI with &without contrast &CT's show nothing but nasal polyp & narrowing of cervical spine. CSF levels in high normal range. overweight (300's but down a 100 lbs. since bypass and still dropping) w/ sleep apnea ( well controlled with cpap).


Thank you for providing rather good information, and I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from these repeated headaches. Unfortunately, headache can be a frustrating problem for both doctors and patients due to the inability to completely diagnose it and occasionally treat it. It does sound like you have done a good job of speaking with your doctors about your symptoms – which you should continue to do – and you have had what appears to be a very thorough workup. The most important value, based on what you have told me thus far, is the fact that your imaging, including both CT and MRI, is essentially normal (at least, that is what you are implying in your message). While both polyps and Cspine narrowing could cause your problem, that is unlikely based on how you share the story. The fact that you are having wide spread symptoms, including vision changes and nausea/vomiting, makes me suspect that you are having migraines. This would be even more likely if anyone in your family has migraines or if you feel that the light hurts when you have these headaches. Regardless, there are things that help to treat these problems, and I suggest that you speak with your doctor about your symptoms and how to relieve them.

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