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"I still notice some side effects after recovering from bells palsy- what type of doctor should I see for a follow-up?"

ZocdocAnswersI still notice some side effects after recovering from bells palsy- what type of doctor should I see for a follow-up?


I was diagnosed with bells palsy in winter 2012, and for the most part, fully recovered. I still notice some side effects when I'm tired, have the flu, or am stressed. What type of doctor should I go see for a follow up? Is there anyway to find out of a doctor on Zocdoc specializes in bells palsy? I know from experience its frustrating to go see a doctor, only to find out they haven't really had much experience with bells palsy.


I am sorry to hear that you have suffered from Bell's palsy, and am quite happy for you that your symptoms have almost completely resolved. There are 2 types of doctors that would best be able to help you: a neurologist and an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon (or ENT). Either would have some experience with treating your problem, although they would likely approach it in a very different fashion. Primary care doctors would see fewer patients with this problem, and your chances of finding someone who is knowledgeable would be reduced without seeking help from a specialist. As for finding one via ZocDoc, it is certainly possible to locate docs and find out a little bit about them, but most of them don't specifically comment on a certain problem that is so rare. Generally speaking, neurologists will be more worried about your nervous system and what happened there, is it fine, etc. An ENT is more likely to worry about things that could be done to improve your symptoms, such as a weight for your eye, or other interventions that may be needed. Please speak to your doctor, as referrals can also be invaluable.

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