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"What kind of over-the-counter allergy medicine helps upper puffy cheeks or "malar mounds"?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of over-the-counter allergy medicine helps upper puffy cheeks or "malar mounds"?


My upper cheek bone, beneath my eyes, have been puffy and swollen for as long as I remember. I got medicine from my pediatrician as a kid that helped it until mt prescription ran out. I don't know what kind of medicine I was given. Any idea what would help best?


This sounds like a very unfortunate problem, and I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering from this for so long. Given that this has been a problem over such an extended amount of time, I would say that you should probably speak to an allergist to see what can be done for you. This may include allergy testing and potentially immunotherapy (allergy shots). While these aren't for everybody, they can make a big difference for many people by altering the reactions of their immune system. Now, as for what your doctor may have given you in the past, you could always speak to him or her. Otherwise, it is quite possible that what you were prescribed previously was a steroid, as these help to alleviate symptoms of allergies very quickly. Unfortunately, they have lots of other unintended side effects as well, and so are often not used for chronic problems like what you are describing. Over the counter medications are less effective, but may have some benefit. 2nd generation anti-histamines are effective for some, as are nasal decongestants. All of these should be discussed with a doctor if they are going to be used regularly. Again, please speak to your doctor.

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