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"Is there a urine, blood or saliva test to check adrenaline levels?"


My doctor prescribed 10mg amitriptaline for better sleep, because I secrete too much adrenaline during the day and I don't wash it off during the night. Is there a urine, blood or saliva test to check adrenaline levels so I can know whether my doctor's assessment is true?


The short answer is yes, there is a test that can be used to measure your adrenaline levels. For some people, what is needed is a measure of these levels to make sure that they do not have abnormal secretion of this hormone from other parts of the body. Most often, what your doctor may be trying to describe is the reaction of stress that is often associated with adrenaline.

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He or she may be saying that your stress levels are quite high and that amitryptiline would help you to deal with the stress in a productive way, and may help you to sleep better. More importantly, it would seem as though you need to be able to communicate fully with your doctor about what he or she means when they make comments about the usefulness of a medication like the one that you are describing. It is always best to be able to speak directly to your doctor if you have a question. The internet can then provide invaluable information to fill in the gaps. Please speak with your doctor about your questions and whether or not further testing is appropriate for you.

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