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"Why do I feel pressure on my chest and my stomach?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I feel pressure on my chest and my stomach?


It comes and leaves, it happens sometimes.


Chest and stomach pain or pressure or any other descriptive word are not always straightforward problems to diagnose. Before anything else, however, it is important to understand that these are symptoms that should be discussed with a doctor in person, as they can be signs of a serious emergency, such as a heart attack. This is something that can obviously depend quite a bit on other signs and symptoms, as well as your overall health, but is not something that should be taken lightly. This is especially true if you are a diabetic, have a smoking history, or have other health problems that would put you at higher risk for a heart attack. Fortunately, these symptoms are usually due to something much less serious, such as heartburn. Acid reflux disease can be described by different people in different ways, and the pressure that you describe could certainly fit into this category. Other digestive problems could explain your symptoms, and there are some lung problems that could have the same symptoms as well. The most important thing is to discuss your symptoms with your doctor to make sure that they are not something that needs to be addressed shortly. Please speak to your doctor.

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