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"I have erythema nodosum and positive ANA (speckled >=1:1000), any idea what's causing the EN?"

ZocdocAnswersI have erythema nodosum and positive ANA (speckled >=1:1000), any idea what's causing the EN?


I also have high esr and high crp. already saw a rheumatologist, but still couldn't figure out the cause. she prescribed methylprednisolone.


I am sorry to hear that you have are suffering from this condition, and am pleased that you have already spoken to a rheumatologist. These conditions are somewhat different from many other medical issues, such as infections, because they are often more difficult to appropriately diagnose and treat. Furthermore, it is often the case that an exact cause is not known, and we are left treating the symptoms. Fortunately, the treatments for many of these diseases has improved greatly over the years. Most people with EN will never find an exact answer as to why they came down with the condition. Others will find that it was a reaction to something else that they had, such as a strep throat infection. The key is to manage your symptoms appropriately so that you can continue to lead a high quality of life without interrupting your daily routine. The blood tests you mention demonstrate that there is a higher than normal level of inflammation in your body currently, but do not completely clarify a cause. The steroid you have been prescribed will help to improve your symptoms. Please continue to work with your doctor closely during your treatment, and please speak with him or her about your questions.

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