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"My fractured pinkie toe's nail broke in two parts"

ZocdocAnswersMy fractured pinkie toe's nail broke in two parts


I have fractured my pinkie toe 2 years ago and now it has changed shape and it looks flat and the nail has broken in half. What should I do?


Breaking a toe can be very painful, and I am sorry that you had to experience it. Even worse that you are having side-effects from the trauma this long after the experience! Toenails can take on abnormal shapes after trauma due to the injury to the nail bed itself. Most of us have some experience with trauma to a nail bed in either the hand or foot. The good news is that these will often sort themselves out over some time. The bad news is that this can go on for what seems to be quite a while. Often, while healing, people will have subsequent injuries or breaks in the nail like what you described. These can occasionally set people up for recurrent problems such as ingrown toenails or other chronic conditions. While many of these can be managed with self-care, speaking with a doctor, especially a podiatrist, is always the right thing to do if you have questions about your nail or your overall foot health. Podiatrists have special training that will help them to be able to guide you in your next step. Regular foot exams to make sure the nail is not becoming infected are necessary as well, but please speak to a doctor.

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