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"Can I do Electroacupuncture if I have titanium implants?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I do Electroacupuncture if I have titanium implants?


I have titanium screws and plates in my mandibule and I would like to know if I can do Electroacupuncture. thank you


Sorry to hear that you have titanium screws and plates in your mandible, as these can be quite painful. As with any medical problem, the best bet is to talk to your doctor. In this specific instance, it would be best to talk to the surgeon who placed the plates, as there may be special circumstances regarding the placement of your plates (eg, are they very superficial, did he or she use any special hardware, etc). One of the main concerns would be if the acupuncture needles would be coming into contact with the hardware itself, as this could be a concern for infection. Once an implant becomes infected it can be very hard to eradicate the infection. As for generalities, titanium is one of the implant materials of choice because of how safe it is for people to have in their bodies. It is relatively not reactive, and is the metal of choice for most screws, plates, and other implants due to both its strength and the fact that the body can bond to it almost as if it were part of the body. Despite this general information, please speak with your surgeon to make sure it is safe for you to use electroacupuncture.

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