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"I havent had my period in 4 months. Could I be pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersI havent had my period in 4 months. Could I be pregnant?


My periods we never regular. Haven't had one in 4 months, tests say negative. But I have diarrhea, nausea, frequent urinating and breast keep getting bigger. Could I be pregnant? I havent tested in a month or so


If you have been having unprotected sex within the last several months, it is always possible that you are pregnant. If your periods are not regular to begin with, then missing a period or two is much less likely to be a sign of pregnancy. In general, over-the-counter pregnancy tests that you can buy in a drugstore have a relatively good accuracy. However, they are not 100% and the best way to confirm pregnancy is with a blood test that your physician can order, along with a physical exam. Some of the symptoms you describe could certainly be consistent with the first trimester of pregnancy. In this situation the best thing to do is to make an appointment to see your physician right away so that he or she can discuss your symptoms further, perform a physical exam (there are characteristic signs of pregnancy on pelvic exam), and check your blood for hormones indicating pregnancy. If you are pregnant and desire to keep the pregnancy, then you should be getting regular prenatal care and vitamin supplements to maintain your health and that of the fetus. Alternatively, if this is not a desired pregnancy, then you need to be able to talk about your options with a physician.

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