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"I'm constantly feeling lightheaded, sleepy, nauseous and tired. What do I have?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm constantly feeling lightheaded, sleepy, nauseous and tired. What do I have?


I'm constantly feeling lighheaded,sleepy,have tension or stabbing headaches,I'm usually confused,nauseaus and tired.It's as if I'm dreaming although I'm aware that I'm not.When I feel like this I also feel emotionless,"empty",and can stare into space for minutes and my brain kind of almost "sleeps" or turns off,I can't really describe it in words.When I feel like this I also feel very creative and have a really vivid imagination,I can visualize entire "movies" in my head,but it's as if I'm too drowsy or weak or tired to actually do something.If I'm stressed or have low bp this gets even worse.I get really confused and awkward and anxious.


Certainly it sounds as if you have a lot going on. Speaking with a medical professional would be one of the first things that I would recommend, as it seems that you have concerns that will not be appropriately addressed via electronic communication. Please speak to your doctor soon to make sure that everything is ok, as these could be symptoms of something that needs to be treated quickly. With all of your comments, the timeline of how long they have been occurring is vital to understand and treat you appropriately. If these are recent events, then they could need to be treated more urgently. If they have been going on for some time now, it may be that you have a different disorder that needs to be treated in a manner that is focused on long term improvement. The information that you are able to provide to a caregiver in person is a vital part of making sure that you are able to become as healthy as possible. Also, some medications or illegal drugs can induce some of the sensations you describe, and should be discussed with a doctor. Please speak with your doctor shortly about your concerns and get help soon.

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