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"Is wellbutrin a good medication for someone who has anxiety to use?"

ZocdocAnswersIs wellbutrin a good medication for someone who has anxiety to use?


I was just to my primary doctor for my anxiety disorder. She prescribed me adivan to take as needed, but she also prescribed me wellbutrin to take daily. I've been reading that wellbutrin is an anti-depressant, and I have no issues with depression, just anxiety. I also know it helps with smoking cessation which I am trying to do. But, I'm concerned about the anti-depressant part. I've never taken anything so heavy duty before and I don't feel comfortable taking it unless I know for sure it does treat anxiety and how it works, and that it won't effect the stability of my moods with the anti-depressant part.


Wellbutrin can be an excellent medication when taken appropriately (like most medications, of course!). It sounds like you are someone who is well informed about your health and the decisions that you make with regards to your health. As always, we suggest that you take these discussions to your doctor who is about to prescribe the medication. Even though you may have left the office, it is still appropriate for you to call and ask about any prescriptions that you may have questions about. That would be the most appropriate answer to your question. Wellbutrin is effective for many people with a range of issues. Some refer to it as an activating medication as well, meaning that it can help some people to be more engaged, active, and positive. Additionally, as you mention, there is some thought that it can help with smoking cessation. Despite all of these potential benefits, the best healthcare relationships are those where the patient is an active part of the decision making process. This means being well informed and discussing thoughts and concerns with your doctor as they arise. Again, please speak to your doctor about your concerns to help make sure that you can arrive at the best treatment for you.

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