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"Can you get cancer from having a mass quantity of white blood cells?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you get cancer from having a mass quantity of white blood cells?


If there is nothing wrong with you such as illness or sickness does that mean that you the white blood cells are cancerous?


This is a question that suggests that you should discuss with your doctor in person. It is hard to understand the nuances of a blood test over the computer without being able to answer the questions in real time, with the face-to-face feedback that can be necessary for ideal understanding. White blood cells are some of the infection fighting cells in the body. As you indicate, they are often elevated when fighting infection, and are one of the signs that a doctor looks for to determine if a person is ill. They are just a single sign, though, and do not mean too much when taken in isolation. It is important to weight the finding of an increased white blood cell count into the remainder of your health equation to determine both why that count could be elevated and what it means in your specific situation. It could be a simple lab finding that reverses itself shortly, or it could be something serious. Your doctor, or the person who ordered the lab test, will best be able to identify and explain what the lab value means to you and if more testing is needed. Please speak to your doctor.

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